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Rural Development Project Advisory and Support Services

Rural Projects Development AdvisoryRural development with special emphasis on small scale business is another area of major focus at Navagatik. Navagatik works with non-governmental-organizations and self help groups in rural areas to promote economic activity so that the small farmers and rural people will be able to improve their quality of life.

The main purpose of this advisory and support service is to empower the rural people and especially women to initiate some activity as a group, so that they may together excel in what they do on a daily basis. The promoted activities are small and at the household level where their incomes will be sufficient to maintain their families. For example, goat rearing, coir making, seed production, home gardens etc.

The services available are:

- Group formation
- Training on rural enterprises
- Learning for development
- Project proposals for funding
- Assistance with rural development banks
- Assistance with donors
- Basic accounting and management
- Sustainable livelihoods