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Internet Marketing Strategy and Implementation Services 

Marketing Strategy Advisory
Business management strategy involves examining your company and developing potential strategies to continue or expand operations.

It involves setting clear goals and milestones for your business and the standards by which your success can be evaluated.

It is a well establlished fact that today, the Internet plays a very strategic role in the growth of your business. It provides you with the technology and speed of reaching new markets and customers. Leveraging the Internet to scale your business is an integral part of your overal business strategy.

Navagatik's Internet Marketing Management Advisory involves developing online strategy initiatives that will assist your company in meeting the needs of your market and specific customer groups - that will assist focus and penetration in chosen markets.

We help you with the design of an effective online marketing plan and the resources to excute the plan. We will work with you to build, execute and measure direct response strategies using the Internet. The five key areas we focus on are Acquisition, Retention, Awareness, Optimization, and Conversion.