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Intercultural Business Communication and Relationship Management

Intercultural Business Communication ServicesThe growing globalization of business, trade and economic activity today has caused a tremendous upsurge in the number of “international business executives”. These are personnel who have done well in their own countries, culture or environments and have been suddenly required to travel or posted overseas, and are expected to perform efficiently, as soon as they reach their new postings. This causes a number of challenges to the “international business executive” and what suffers most is the business output, results and efficiency with subsequent loss of self esteem, confidence and belief in him/herself due to culture shock, miscommunication and other factors that are beyond his/her understanding.

To perform efficiently through informed understanding of the different cultures or environments, to communicate effectively and to increase the chances of the business flourishing and thus retain his/her own self esteem and confidence, the “international business executive” or the organization sponsoring such an international venture needs to consider the following:

- Culture Shock
- Interpersonal Communication
- Intercultural Communication
- International Communication
- Relationship Building for Business
- Leadership in different contexts
- Management in different cultures

Our services offer the above and more so that the “international business executive” may understand the complex factors that are in play during an overseas travel or posting or a multinational business transaction. This would help the executive or the sponsoring organization to transact business efficiently and appropriately to the culture so that all partners benefit mutually and the partnership is sustained.