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Pat Raman

Pattabi (Pat) Raman - President

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.

As a career banker with over 35 years in international banking & finance, living and working in India, South East Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, I have seen first hand, the challenges organizations large and small face while dealing with the complexities of global business - in terms of building successful cross-border trade relationships as well as comprehending trade finance instruments and regulations. 

As a consequence of this insight and experience, I have set up Navagatik Consulting to help companies navigate this complex, yet critical terrain, of international business. 

Our mission is to assist companies with meeting their goals and find equitable solutions to their problems, through an array of international trade, marketing and financial advisory services, specifically adapted to each enterprise.

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global business navigationThe word 'NAVAGATIK' is derived from the
Sanskrit term 'Navagatih' meaning 'to navigate'.

Navagatik Consulting was set up to help individual entrepreneurs and business organizations navigate the complex social-economic-cultural issues related to doing business locally as well as in international markets.

The Navagatik Consulting team brings decades of global experience in international trade, finance, marketing and related disciplines ...

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International Trade Advisory Services 

global businessDoing business internationally is indeed more complex than one may imagine. Even successful businesses, especially small and medium companies, find dealing with international markets and diverse cultures an imposing and formidable experience.

Navagatik Consulting provides the essential edge through advice, support and assistance needed for success in international trade.  

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 Business Finance Advisory Services  

Small and medium businesses face unique challenges trade financethat may compromise their operational and financial health. This complexity is compounded by their inability to engage senior financial and industry experts to manage several aspects of the business from finance and banking, to marketing and governance and to sustain the effort needed achieving the business plan goals.

Navagatik Consulting provides a range of financial advisory services focused to assist your organization's success.

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 Other Services

international business collaborationBusiness Collaboration, Company Representation & Agency Services

Internet Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Intercultural Business Communication and Relationship Management

Rural Development Project Advisory and Support Services

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